In 2021, Urban Ecology offered to serve as a fiscal agent for two ground-breaking, hyper-local, journalism and community engagement projects based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

KneeDeepTimes is a new digital online magazine featuring stories from the frontlines of climate resilience in the San Francisco Bay Area and California. As the impacts of fires, smoke, floods and environmental contamination intensify, the magazine will examine reverberating responses from communities of all sizes. Launched in September 2021, this new platform for community storytelling will connect with real people and real places and share their views and voices. The magazine writes and shares about the core of our adaptation problem: how to involve people of all ages, cultures, incomes, and experiences with climate change adaptation in creating a more resilient and just future for the region.

This community building partner of KneeDeep Times offers a more informal storytelling setting for communities. individuals and young people sharing their views and experiences of climate change for the first time, or honing their communication, leadership or activism skills. Acclimatewest is working to build its California Climate Quilts as a pathway and building block for sharing, leadership skills development, and community resilience.