Community Design Consulting
Urban Ecology consulted on or helped facilitate numerous community design projects, working closely with neighborhood groups. Projects include the Clinton Park Plan for East Oakland, the 24th Street BART Plazas plans for San Francisco’s Mission District, the Weeks Neighborhood Plan for East Palo Alto, the Visitation Valley Community Vision for San Francisco, among many others.

Blueprint for a Sustainable Bay Area
Published in December 1996 and winner of nine local and national awards, the Blueprint examines land use and sustainability within the home, in our neighborhoods, at the scale of our cities, and for the full region. Many of the recommendations remain more relevant than ever today as the region confronts inequities and climate change.

The Urban Ecologist, Giving Voice to Ecological Urbanism
A journal covering sustainable development around the world, city cooling, urban design, transit, infill, community gardening and diverse other initiatives 1982-2000.

To see more detail on Urban Ecology’s rich history of sustainable and equitable urban planning work, visit the organization’s prior website (now being updated).